GT6 Interior Refit - Part 3, Driveable Again

I'd got the bit between my teeth and decided to get the car driveable again today, so it was another morning spent in the garage to finish the last major parts, while listening to Andy Murray lose the tennis.

First job, refit the central armrest and tunnel cover. This involved drilling new mounting holes, then fudging around with the self tapping screws through the carpet until they located, just a bit fiddly really.

Next was to fit the Roll-Centre rollbar I'd taken out of my MKIV Spitfire before selling it. This was the other reason I had to remove the Britax inertia reel belts. As well as them hitting the seat, they were mounted exactly where the lower legs of the rollbar would sit.

10mm bolts hold the bar in place, so once I'd got over the apprehension of drilling 12 holes in the bodywork, it was done.
Finally, fit the seats to the frames, only 2 bolts per seat, but not a job for the fat fingered. The seats also came from my Spitfire as I wanted some headrests in this car. I had them refurbished 22 years ago and although the covers are still in very good condition, the foams have turned to breadcrumbs again, leaving them looking a little deflated.

When Chris sold me the car, he gave me the original MK2 tan seats which also need refurbishing. Having looked at the cost of covers, foams, and professional fitting now, I think they'll stay in my shed a little longer.

Once the seats were in, the last job was to re-route the seatbelts through the rollbar as the route I originally picked forced them down too low.

And that's pretty much it. Although the seats should be Tan, I like the Brown and Black contrast. There's just the H dashboard support frame to fit now, but I'll leave that for another time.

The weather's been glorious today and the snow has gone, so to celebrate, I took the car for a blast to my parents and back. A very productive weekend's work.

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