First post for new blog

I've got so much useful information from other people's blogs over the years, I felt I should start my own. This post is just a test for me to get the formatting right. Whether anyone will want to read my tales of hammering and swearing remains to be seen, but with 4 Triumphs and an old Ford theres always something I'm tinkering with.

To kick things off here's a picture of my latest purchase, a Mk2 GT6, bought in November 2012 from local TSSC member Chris Downs. It's in lovely condition, as Chris performed a complete ground up restoration on it in the early 2000s.

More on what I'm doing to it will follow later, but the only work so far has been replacing the 'noname' black coil, with a Lucas DLB105 to cure an ever worsening misfire. It runs a treat now.

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