GT6 Interior Refit - Part 2, Carpet Complete.

Spent the day in the garage today finishing off the carpet. Order of fitment was : 
  • Central Tunnel Cover - and fit seat belt receptacles to hold in place.
  • Passenger Sill Cover.
  • Passenger footwell side panel.
  • Transmission Tunnel Cover.
  • Passenger Box Section cover.
  • Passenger Seat base section
  • Passenger footwell carpet.
After that lot and fitting the new static belt, this was the result.

Then repeat the whole process again on the drivers side. Here is my patented method of holding the carpet in place, until the glue dries enough to re-fit the door seal.
Must buy better pegs, those cheap ones have pathetic springs. Once complete, I refitted the seat runnners.

I'm quite pleased with the result, despite the crispy nature of the carpet backing. 
However, now it's all in place, I feel I need to call the car 'Bungle'. Can't think why :-)

Only a couple of real issues, the drivers side footwell carpet went to the same height as the passenger side, which meant it fouled all the pedals. 6 inches lopped off with the scissors fixed that, which gave me some spare to fix this ...

 ... grrrr, why can't they cut that sill panel to the right length. The drivers side is fine.

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