GT6 Interior Refit - Part 1, The Rear.

It seems that when I acquire any new car, no matter how good it is, there are always things that need doing to personalise it to my tastes.

Even with the little use I've given it so far, a couple of things in the GT6 were starting to annoy me. The carpets were fairly loose and rucked up in places and the bulky Britax inertia seatbelts were hitting the back of the seat.

So, I'll start with the carpets and ordering a brown tufted set from Rimmer's as part of their sale was also a chance to change them all to one colour, as the boot and rear wheel-arches were black.

When they arrived, I was a little disappointed. The colour and shape is good, but the backing is very stiff and cracks quite easily when flexing. This is the 5th car I've fitted carpets in, I've always bought budget carpet from a number of suppliers (including Rimmer's), but this is the first set I've had like this.

Anyhow, I thought I'd persevere with it. First job was to stitch the rubber trim for the rear deck to the front seam. Took about an hour and I only punctured my thumb with the blunt end of the needle about 4 times.

Start in the middle and work out ....

... and it's done.

I'd already stripped most of the interior out, so here is the (almost) blank canvas.

Once the boot floor, the cross beam between the rear wheel arches and the rear trim panels had been removed, I could get to work with the evostick. The order of assembly was : 

  • Wheel Arch panels
  • Thin vertical panel in front of rear deck.
  • Rear Deck Panel

Put back all the rear panels and cross beam and lay in the new boot carpet. Here is progress so far.

A couple of wrinkles on the arches, but I should be able to smooth those out. The boot carpet doesn't have the press-studs on yet, that's why it sticks up in the corners.

So far so good and very 'cosy'. All my other cars have black carpet, so this is going to be like sitting in a teddy bear!

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