GT6 Interior Refit : All Done + MoT

The last couple of weeks has consisted of spending odd minutes when I can, finishing off the tunnel area, adding a 12v power socket and a radio.

Halfords had DAB headunits on offer, so I went for their Pioneer DEH-X6500DAB offering for 129.99 which came with a free magnetic aerial. It's a bit glitzy, but with the display set to orange it blends in with the brown ok.

So here it is finished.
The black disc on the dash is a SatNav mount. Just personal preference, as the screens in Triumphs are narrow enough without cluttering them up with technology.

The magnetic aerial is living on the roll bar for the time being ...
 ... and the reception is ok. 

I agonised for ages about the speakers as I didn't want to chop up the door or boot cards. I thought about putting them in boxes behind the seats and making them removable, but in the end hid them away in the gloveboxes facing down into the footwells. This meant making an extra panel to cover the front, reducing usable space, but at least they are mostly invisible as the picture below shows. :-)
Finally, it went for MoT and passed, just need to get some miles on it now.

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