So, just over a year ago, I was offered a GT6 that had been off the road for a couple of years. I went to view expecting a rusty wreck, but it was far from that, it was running and had been dry stored since being taken off the road for a noisy rear wheel bearing.

The price being asked, wasn't much higher than some projects in pieces that had recently sold on eBay, so I jumped at the chance to own it. 

There's a few things about the car that make it non-original. From the factory it was Magenta, but was changed to Mimosa in the mid-80s and I'm sure it's had a replacement body tub as there's not a sign of the original colour anywhere on it. However, the doors are still Magenta in the inside. 

The paint itself is a bit microblistered in places, especially on the bonnet, which itself is not quite the right shape along the bumper line. But it polishes up ok, and is all the same colour so I'm leaving it for now. 

It's a very late car, non-rotoflex, with the original number plate being TEJ90M. In 2006 this was changed to KGV142K at the Ipswich DVLA office. No idea why, but I have the receipt. It's also got early gauges in it, probably as part of the tub replacement?

On stripping out the interior, I found the floorpans were a bit holed and thin in places, so April last year it went off to Andy Dann for some patching and replacement where necessary.  

Since then, I've done nothing with it, but my mojo has returned and over the last couple of weekends I'm starting to put it back together.

Repaired floors all painted.

Carpet pegged in place while glue sets.

At some point I've got to be brave enough to fit the windscreen. I shall be ordering a windscreen rubber from COH Baines as I hear they are the best fit.

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