Winter Project

See the picture below. This really is the same Stag that sits looking rather smart a little further down this blog. 

It's been off the road for over a year now, thanks to house fires and other projects (workshop re-roofing and a 2.5pi Estate). But now they are all behind me, it's time to tidy it up and get it MoTed again and that includes trying to sort the exhaust once and for all. 

Earlier in the year, in trying to remove the tubular manifolds, I sheared the heads off 4 bolts on one side. These, along with one already sheared on the other side meant pulling the engine to get it sorted. This would at least allow me to sort a few other things while it was out. (Crumbling engine mounts, dicky starter motor, mummified engine bay wiring). 

Having had no luck with drills and 'EZout's, I entrusted the drilling and helicoiling to AFM Racing http://www.afmracing.co.uk in Ipswich. Once back and mounted on my engine stand, I'm taking the opportunity to clean up the old Rover P6 lump. Nothing too mad, but de-greasing, stripping and cleaning the rocker boxes, and removing, painting and re-sealing the sump are on the list. 

The Stag's alloys ended up on the 2.5pi Estate, but I have acquired another 15x6 set exactly the same, so the PI will be keeping hold of these. 

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