It's the simple things ...

Got back from the Le Mans classic last weekend, my 5th time attending with the TSSC and it never ceases to entertain me, it really is a fantastic event. 

There was three of us going so took the 2000 estate so we could get all the gear in. Travelling Wednesday night meant we were first on the site and chance of a couple of uncluttered photos in the early morning. 

Now we're back, today I had a chance to fix the disintegrating steering bush that led to a wobbly column through most if the trip through France. 

Pic below shows the remains of the old one, with a new Superflex one from Chris Witor. 

What made me smile was when rummaging under the dashboard to loosen the column I found this attached to the wiring loom. 

Always nice to find a little bit of originality still with the car. 

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